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goose down pillows

Goose down pillows due to amazing down capabilities are breathable, lightweight and soft. 

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  • 409,92 €

    White Hungarian goose down pillows from Seidenweber Collection® for those seeking the ultimate in-the-bed luxury: Soft and particularly resilient – due to three-chamber construction  – inner chamber filled with goose down and feathers gives the shape for the pillow, and outside cameras filled with goose down provide softness. Extremely breathable – able...

    409,92 €
  • 102,48 €

    Soft-down Silktime Hungarian white goose down pillows have exceptional structure and quality - a special double structure design is used to provide an outer layer of down for maximum comfort and an inner layer to give flexibility and firmness. The outer layer is filled with hand-harvested, 750 fill power (Fp) Hungarian white goose down surrounded by 400...

    102,48 €
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items