How to buy?

how to buy

Purchase and contract
After choosing a product in the, place it in your shopping cart. After that you may continue browsing through the shop, and all the items that you choose to buy will be added to your shopping cart. When you have finished choosing items press “BUY”. A window will open to allow you to go through the items that you have chosen and to edit your order. Afterwards you have to fill out the delivery form: name, surname, delivery address, phone number and additional information relevant to delivery. Before pressing the “CONFIRM PURCHASE” button you must read the terms and conditions and choose payment method. You are advised to make a copy of our conditions as these are subject to change. By making a copy you will have a record of the conditions that applied on the day of purchase. These rules act as a purchase contract. The purchase contract becomes valid when we receive a statement from the bank confirming payment.

All prices are denominated in Euros (EUR) +VAT (21%), for non EU countries - VAT will be excluded (except for Russian Federation).

Shipping cost and length

Delivery in Lithuania. delivers items for 2.90 EUR per item (up to 2 kg) in Lithuania. If the order is more than 400 EUR, items are delivered without charge. After the statement indicating that your payment has been received is processed by the bank, items are delivered anywhere in Lithuania within 5 days.
The Lithuanian postal service delivers items from 8AM to 6PM. Items are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays or Lithuanian holidays.

Delivery to EU and other countries.
Lithuanian LP EXPRESS delivers items to 79 foreign countries. Parcels are seeking to deliver to Clients personally. International deliveries are made within the shortest time possible. It will cost from 2.90 to 38 EUR for a parcel up to 2 kg depending on the country. Please keep in mind that it takes around 1 week in EU for your order to come. However we can not accept responsibility of any damage or loss after the parcel has been sent!

LP (Lithuanian Post) delivers items to Russian Federation; it may take 1-2 weeks.

Your order can be sent using DHL express courier service and be delivered in 2-4 working days anytime between 8 am and 6:30 pm. It will cost from 18 to 31 EUR for a parcel up to 1 kg depending on the country. It is also important that you provide your phone number so that DHL may arrange the delivery time with you.

If the order is more than 400 EUR, items are delivered without charge.
Additional shipping fees are calculated for every kg when the parcel weight is more than 2 kg when shipping with LP EXPRESS and more than 1 kg while shipping with DHL EXPRESS.

Payment methods
Using e-banking “Bank-link” service
You may pay using the PayPal credit card system. Customers can use this system for free, money transfer charges are paid by us. In order to use this payment method you do not have to register with the PayPal system.
Payment via bank transfer is a payment in advance when a Client transfers money himself to a bank account indicated in the order. Please remember that you must indicate the number of the corresponding order when making a bank transfer.