About us

Since year 2009 “Silktime” specializes in manufacture and sale of the “Silktime” labelled home textile products made from the natural highest quality Mulberry silk. Silktime is registered trademark, it associate with the best way to improve our life.

In 2011 an online shop was launched, where exclusively “Silktime" brand products were sold.

The year 2014 when e-platform was substantially revised: changes have been made in design and in Silktime conception as well. Silktime offers not only “Silktime” labelled products, but also other well-known brands which meet our main goal - to provide one with the opportunity to learn, to use and to enjoy the advantages of silk, as well as other natural materials and products, and help you create a special environment for yourself and ones you love.

We will seek that the name Silktime, which includes both the brand and the trading venue, would be associated with the improvement of quality of life - an affordable luxury for anyone who cares about their health, natural living, comfort, appearance and sense of well-being.

It’s Silktime – smart luxury.

About "Silktime" brand

Focusing on the values of silk: healthcare, comfort and pleasure, "Silktime" offers an exquisite collection of items made of this natural luxury fabric. "Silktime" labelled beddings, nightwear and bathroom accessories are carefully selected from 100% silk producers and designed for everyday quality of Your life.
Uniqueness of trademark “Silktime” is marked by 3 symbols, each of which affecting areas that represent advantages of silk best:

  • Healthcare and Hygiene. Silk is a 100% natural biofibre. Silk is made from proteins that contain 18 out of 20 amino acids that are similar to those in human skin. Chief constituent of silk – protein fibroin – absolutely does not irritate the immune system, it is not allergenic and is tolerated as a human protein. This unique quality of fibroin is widely used by modern medicine when creating artificial human organs. It is not surprising that one thousand years ago people on an intuitive level realised silk being a unique fibre.
  • Comfort. Silk is called an “all-climate” fabric. Silk is warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool in summer. Due to its unique thermal properties, silk is comparable to wool, and 5 times warmer than cotton. Silk is like wool, but it is much softer, lighter and finer, therefore it is warm in winter and fresh in summer. Silk allows body to breathe, it keeps a comfortable balance between warmth and humidity.
  • Pleasure. People all around the world have found that silk fabrics, such as habutai, charmeuse or satin gives great pleasure for body and eyes. Habutai means „soft as down“ in Japanese and is particularly gentle for sensitive body skin. Delicate and softly lustrous face of silk charmeuse bring back intimate memories and do not allow us to stop dreaming. Silk is a gift of nature that warms and refreshes, heals and helps the body to look younger, calms the nerves, strokes and caresses… It a luxury that can be experienced by anyone.

This website will provide you with not only information about the silk products that we offer, but you will also find out more about silk as a unique, natural, protein fibre that was given to us by nature.


Kornelijus Stankevičius, representative of trademark “Silktime”
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