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Silktime specializes in the trade of the highest quality products made from the natural Mulberry Silk. Silktime sells silk duvets and pillows filled in with the stretched silk cocoons, silk duvet and pillow covers, silk flat and fitted sheets, silk fleece blankets and bathrobes, silk satin and silk jacquard-velour scarves, silk satin nightwear, gowns and pajamas, knitted silk underwear for men and women.

Since year 2009 we specialize in the highest quality products made from the natural Mulberry silk. We manufacture and sell SILKTIME labelled home textile products. SILKTIME is registered trademark and associate with the best way to improve our life. Silk is an affordable luxury for anyone who cares about their health, natural living, comfort, appearance and sense of well-being. Our goal is to provide world market with the opportunity to learn, to use and to enjoy the advantages of one of the most amazing nature material. Focusing on the values of silk: comfort, hygiene and pleasure, we offer an exquisite collections of items made of this natural luxury fiber. SILKTIME labelled beddings, nightwear and bathroom accessories are carefully selected and designed for everyday quality of our life.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 48 items