Terms and conditions

I. General Rules

  1. Silktime.lt electronic shop’s (“Shop”) rules (“Rules”) apply when a Client makes an order in the e-shop at Silktime.lt.
  2. Silktime.lt reserves the right to amend the Shop’s Rules. The Rules that are valid at the time of purchase will apply to that purchase.
  3. The Client cannot place an order on Silktime.lt before he has familiarized himself with the Rules. It is understood that the Client has familiarized himself with the Rules and agrees with them before ordering items, as he must confirm his acceptance of the Rules by ticking the box next to the conditions of service provision before clicking “To Confirm Order”.

II. Privacy Policy

  1. When placing an order, the Customer has to present private data that is necessary for delivery: name, surname, delivery address, phone number and e-mail address. Silktime.lt confirms that these data will be used only for the purposes of communication, ordering and delivery of goods. Silktime.lt undertakes not to disclose the Customer's information to third parties, except for Silktime.lt product supply partners, if, in order to shorten the time of delivery, the goods are sent to the customer directly from the warehouse and the partners providing the delivery service. In all other cases, Customer‘s private data may be disclosed only in cases provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

  2. Silktime.lt, using organizational and technical means, ensures that the personal data provided by the Customer is protected against any unlawful actions. In its turn, the Customer ensures that when connecting to the Silktime.lt online store, his / her personal data will not be seen by unauthorized persons and that this data is properly stored.

III. Procedure and Conditions of Order Placement

  1. Client chooses items in the Silktime.lt e-shop. On the basis of this choice a shopping cart is created.
  2. After creating a shopping cart, the Client has to input data necessary for the delivery of the chosen items: name, surname, delivery address, phone number and additional information relevant to delivery.
  3. Client has to choose one of the possible payment methods on Silktime.lt (more information in chapter V of Rules).
  4. On the last page of the ordering process all the data entered by the Client is shown. The Client must check and confirm the data. The Client has a chance to amend incorrect data before sending the order to Silktime.lt. The Client is not allowed to confirm his order without indicating that he has familiarized himself with and agrees with the Rules of the Silktime.lt Shop.
  5. When Client confirms his order, it is sent to Silktime.lt. The order is treated as presented from the moment it is received by Silktime.lt. A buying and selling contract between the Client and Seller is treated as formed when the Client after creating a shopping cart, indicating the delivery address, choosing payment method, familiarising with conditions, presses the “CONFIRM ORDER” button. All the obligations under this contract must be observed. The contract will be fulfilled only after Silktime.lt receives confirmation of payment for the selected items from the bank chosen by the Client.
  6. When the Client places an order, the Silktime.lt system automatically sends an e-mail to the Client, indicating the selected items, data and details provided by the Client and needed for payment.
  7. When Silktime.lt receives a confirmation from the bank about money transfer for items, the Client is informed via the e-mail address provided. The moment of receipt of confirmation from the bank is treated as the beginning of the implementation of the Contract between the Client and Silktime.lt.
  8. The order placed by the Client is saved in Silktime.lt database on ato fulfil the legal requirements of the Republic of Lithuania that regulate the terms of data protection.
  9. The Contract is formed and fulfilled in the English Language.

IV. Guarantee and Price Determination

  1. Each item for sale on the Silktime.lt shop is accompanied by a description.
  2. Silktime.lt notes and the Client confirms that they are aware of the fact that goods sold in Silktime.lt shop may differ in their shape, colour and other aspects in real life from their appearance on the website due to the limitations of photographic reproduction and variations in Clients’ display characteristics.
  3. The Client agrees to pay the price for the goods as indicated in the order.
  4. The prices are indicated in Euros including VAT (21%), for the non EU countries VAT (21%) will be excluded (except for Russian Federation).
  5. Silktime.lt sells goods according to the requirements noted in the order. If the goods sold to the Client do not meet the requirements of order, the Client agrees to immediately inform Silktime.lt. The latter will eliminate all the defects, if the defects appeared due to the fault of Silktime.lt or of third parties operating on behalf of Silktime.lt. If Silktime.lt does not rectify the situation in a reasonable timeframe, as agreed with the Client, the Client has the right to seek restitution under statutes of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
  6. Silktime.lt commits to delivering goods of good quality to standards specified in the order.
  7. The goods are delivered packed. They are packed according to their type and are thereby protected during transit.

V. The Order and Terms of Payment

  1. The Client has to choose the method of payment for the goods offered by Silktime.lt shop:
    1. Using e-banking “Bank-link” service.
    2. If the Client has chosen to pay via the electronic Paypal system, he commits to immediate payment for the chosen goods, since the goods are prepared for delivery only after Silktime.lt has received payment. The bank, chosen by the Client, is responsible for the security of the data, since all financial operations are performed in the electronic banking system. Purchasers may use this system for free, money transfer expenses being covered by the recipient. If you want to use this method of payment, you do not have to register with PayPal system.
    3. Payment via bank transfer is payment in advance when the Client himself transfers money to the bank account specified in the order.

VI. Return Policy

  1. The Client is given the chance to exchange the goods that he has received with the same goods, but of different size, shape, colour, model or set. The Client may also return the goods that they do not like. The expense of returning the goods will be covered by the Client.
  2. The goods may be returned or exchanged only when the goods meet following standards:
    1. they were not used;
    2. they were not damaged;
    3. their usefulness is preserved;
    4. they are saleable;
    5. damage to packaging necessary for the examination of the goods will not render the goods unsaleable;
    6. they do not belong to the list of goods that cannot be exchanged or returned at the Client’s request.
  3. The Rules of Exchange and Return of Goods (issued by the Order Nr. 217 by the Minister of Economy of Republic of Lithuania on June 29 in 2001) denote the goods that Client has no right to exchange or return:
    perfume, cosmetics or toiletries (their codes according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 33.03 – 33.07), photo and cinematography goods (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 37.00), printed books, reproductions or other articles of printing and publishing industry (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 49.00), fabrics (their codes according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 50.07, 51.11-51.13, 52.08-52.12, 53.09, 55.12-55.16), fitted carpets, except for rugs and mats (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 57.00), knitted male, female, childrens underwear (their codes according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 61.07 – 61.09), baby clothes (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 61.11), tights, socks, knee high socks or similar garments (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 61.15), sewn mens’, boys’, womens’ and girls’ undershirts, night-gowns, pyjamas and similar garments (their codes according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 62.07 – 62.08), baby clothes (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 62.09), bras, corsets and similar garments (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 62.12), pearls, gems, precious metals and articles made from them, except for costume jewellery (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 71.00, except for – 71.17), machines and mechanical equipment (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 84.00), electric machines and equipment, sound and TV images recording and playing equipment (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 85.00), overground transport (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 87.00), ships, boats and sailing equipment (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 89.00), lenses, photo and cinematography equipment and apparatuses, medical or surgery equipment and apparatuses (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 90.00), watches (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 91.00), musical instruments (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 92.00), weapons and ammunition (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 93.00), furniture, beddings, lamps (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 94.00), toys, games, except for sports and fishing equipment (their code according to Combined Nomenclature of Commodities – 95.00, except for 95.06 – 95.07).
  4. When returning items, the Client must present a receipt.
  5. The items will be changed or returned after the Client fills in the form sent after the Client approaches us via e-mail.
  6. The items will be changed or returned in 5 days after receiving a written statement from the Client that they want to breach the buying – selling contract.
  7. In cases when the items are changed and there is a price difference between the initial and final choice of items, the Client commits to pay the price difference by transferring money to the account specified by Silktime.lt.
  8. In cases when Silktime.lt has no items to exchange for the initial order, Silktime.lt will return the Client’s money, excluding delivery cost and Paysera or PayPal taxes.
  9. Items, sold on special offers or sale are non-returnable.

VII. Delivery of Goods

  1. Silktime.lt commits to deliver goods within 5 days (within the territory of Lithuania) to the indicated address after the confirmation of order placement. This term will not apply if Silktime.lt does not have the chosen goods in stock. The Client will be informed about goods’ being out of stock. The Client agrees that on some occasions the delivery might be late due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case Silktime.lt promises to inform the Client about the unforeseen circumstances and to renegotiate the delivery of the goods with the Client.
  2. The Client promises to receive the goods personally. In the case where the Client cannot receive the goods personally and the goods are delivered to the indicated address, the Client does not have the right to make claim the delivery was to the wrong recipient.
  3. The goods ordered on Silktime.lt are delivered by Lithuanian LP EXPRESS or DHL EXPRESS. LP EXPRESS deliver items from 8AM to 6PM. Items are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.
  4. If due to the Client’s fault or due to circumstances depending on the Client, LP EXPRESS cannot deliver the goods, the Client must collect the goods at the closest (according to address) branch of AB “Lithuanian Post”. If the Client fails to collect the goods after 3 notifications, the goods are returned to Silktime.lt and the Client has no right to make a claim about the delivery being late.
  5. The Client must immediately inform Silktime.lt via email or phone if the goods were not delivered within 5 days from the confirmation of delivery being received from Silktime.lt.
  6. The Client must immediately inform Silktime.lt if the goods were delivered in damaged packaging, if the goods delivered are not those ordered, or if the amount of delivered goods is wrong, or if the set of goods is wrong, if they are of the wrong shape or size.
  7. In all cases where the packaging of goods is damaged (wet, torn, etc.), the Client has to mention this in the confirmation of delivery, or to send a separate statement about the damaged packaging. If the Client records the details of the damage in the delivery confirmation, Silktime.lt is released from responsibility for damage of goods.
  8. Delivery in Lithuania: Silktime.lt delivers items from 4 EUR per item in Lithuania with LP EXPRESS. If the order is more than 600 EUR, items are delivered without charge.
  9. Goods can be picked at the shop „Silktime“ in Vilnius, Lithuania. You will not be charged for delivery.
  10. Delivery to foreign countries depends on the country:

    Lithuanian LP EXPRESS delivers items to 79 foreign countries. Parcels are seeking to deliver to Clients personally. International deliveries are made within the shortest time possible. It will cost from 4 to 38 EUR for a parcel up to 2 kg depending on the country. Please keep in mind that it takes around 1 week in EU for your order to come. However we can not accept responsibility of any damage or loss after the parcel has been sent!

    Lithuanian LP delivers items to Russian Federation. It will take around 1-2 weeks the parcel to come.

    EXPRESS DHL Delivery:
    Your order can be sent using DHL express courier service and be delivered in 2-4 working days anytime between 8 am and 6:30 pm. It will cost from 18 to 31 EUR for a parcel up to 1 kg depending on the country. It is also important that you provide your phone number so that DHL may arrange the delivery time with you.

    If the order is more than 600 EUR, items are delivered without charge.
    Additional shipping fees are calculated for every kg when the parcel weight is more than 2 kg when shipping with LP EXPRESS and more than 1 kg while shipping with DHL EXPRESS.

    Buyer assumes all responsibility for taxes and/or duty fees imposed by their individual country.

VIII. Other Regulations

  1. All inquiries to Silktime.lt should be made to the e-mail address
    info@silktime-on.com or by phone +370 618 19197.
  2. These rules are made observing laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. All disagreements that arise due to observation of these Rules, are solved by negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the conflict shall be solved following the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.